We can take your event to the next level to designing a corporate dinner, conference cocktail event and more, that reflects your company’s style and taste. We start with a concept and a color scheme and ensure that every visual aspect of your event conveys the story that you want to tell.

From ceiling installations, speciality linens, custom stationery and unique decor, Simply Radiant Events is your one stop shop for a party bursting with creativity and unparalleled personality.

So let’s meet, chat about your event and figure out how Simply Radiant Events can take your event from cookie cutter to couture!  Simply Radiant Events is based in Southern California, but available to travel to any destination.

This is your time to shine where we share our planned parties, style shoots of your products and tips along the way.

After designing parties and event about 15 years, we have combined our love of parties and styling onto something that can be used by product companies as well.

We are available for hire to style your party or event in person. If you are a brand or company, we am also available to design your product around a party.

Let's create something fun!

Make sure to contact us to see how we can work together!



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  1.    Show Rooms

  2.    Party Supplies

  3.    Party Favors

  4.    Decor for both home and party

  5.    Games

  6.    Food

  7.    Party vendors include food carts

  8.    Candles

  9.    Pillows, blankets and textiles

  10.    Clothing

  11.    Skin Care

  12.    Books

  13.    You name it we can style...

What We Do

We design and produce of a full parties creatively showcasing our client's product, lobby or event window displays. Includes professional, edited photos, social media shares, blog posts, Instastories documenting process and creating excitement, and media submission for further publicity.

We can even come style your home to get it ready for your next big event.


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