“Courtney did an outstanding job for our wedding day! Courtney was so calm and collected and never once showed any sign of being stressed out - even with the last minute things I sent her way! As a bride, she was a great person to have on my side and to depend on making the day run smoothly. I highly recommend her! Thank you Courtney for helping to make our special day a beautiful one!” - Ailene D.

“Courtney is an amazing event planner! I contacted her as the wedding coordinator for my daughter's wedding just 5 1/2 weeks before the big day. Although it was a busy time, Courtney was always confident that the wedding would be the success that it was. She is professional, extremely organized, thorough, and sensitive to everyone's needs. I was continually amazed at how she remembered and addressed all the comments from the many casual conversations and numerous emails. Most importantly, Courtney fulfilled my daughter's vision for her wedding!”  - Kathleen Dallaire, San Juan Capistrano

“I had such a great experience with Simply Radiant Events! Courtney is efficient, quick to respond, professional, and very organized. We booked for day-of coordinating, but it was so much more than that. She kept me on task for the weeks leading up to the wedding and provided ideas and referrals based on our needs. She also advised on ways to save money and time. Our wedding was at an estate where everything had to be brought in... needless to say there was a lot of prep and set up. We had plenty of family members and friends helping, but Courtney had the overall day-of plan and lead well. Set up went perfectly, and it seemed that every time someone needed something... Courtney magically appeared. During the wedding, she kept to schedule and timeline very well, and handled any issues quickly and discretely. Courtney was simply a joy to work with, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!” - Sarah H.

“A big shout out to Courtney for connecting THE BCF and Jenna and the OC Register!” - Nilo G.  of THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

"As a work professional, Courtney is energetic, open-minded, and professional. I enjoyed working with her on numerous projects. She adds a spark of knowing that any glitch will not deter her from pulling off a successful event." -Christy M.

"Courtney's passion and enthusiasm for event planning shines at each event she is a part of. Having worked numerous events with her I have seen Courtney's professionalism and understanding of the client's needs create successful events enjoyed by all." -Janae M.

“Courtney is an extremely passionate and dedicated worker. When she directs her focus on the completion or execution of a certain task, she gives it 110%. These efforts rarely result in anything less then spectacular results. Courtney is highly driven and ambitious. She excels as a team member, a volunteer as well as in the position of manager Courtney is detail oriented and highly efficient with time constraints. On top of all of this, she is an amazing person with a gigantic heart.”-Michelle L.

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